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BizarreCraft is one of two major game projects undertaken by the fourth cohort of FIEA students, and the first large-scale game project in which I participated. It's a networked real-time strategy game unlike any other. There's no resource gathering, no building construction, and most of all, no death--just two zany factions trying to pull the rug out from under each other with the most bizarre attacks imaginable and drag the enemy commander to their own base.

On the BizarreCraft project, I served as a member of the design team. I collaborated with the other members to create and refine ideas for the gameplay, the theme, the characters, the attacks, etc. At one point it became clear that a working prototype of the game design would be useful, and that Warcraft III would be an excellent tool for making such a prototype. Having had a lot of experience creating new content and scripting for existing games, I volunteered for the task of making the prototype. This turned out to be my most important contribution to the project, as I describe in greater detail on the BizarreCraft prototype page.

As the BizarreCraft project moved into production, I was assigned to be part of quality assurance. I tested components of the game as they were completed, documented and reported bugs, and worked closely with the programming team to hunt down the causes of the game's more perplexing errors. I eventually became the person entrusted with entering all project documentation onto a wiki and keeping it up-to-date. Whenever there were any changes, they were reported to me, and I informed the rest of the team. I was also tasked with writing much of the design documentation. Finally, I also wrote the BizarreCraft game manual and the box copy, and compiled the tutorial video and the trailer.

Along with the rest of the BizarreCraft team, I experienced the "crunch" at the end of a game project, working long hours and even staying up entire nights to complete the game. In the end, we achieved a game which we are proud to have developed.

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